A new project is born in the Bio Bio Region

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The brothers François and Jean-Paul Massoc, together with their maternal uncle Javier Larrain; In his native and much loved Concepción, they create their first family wine project.

The fundamental idea of this new venture is to develop and strengthen the vineyards of the Maule, Itata and Bio-Bio regions.

They started working silently in 2015 to launch their first production in 2017 and thus show that with a good work and love for the grape and its terroirs, can achieve exceptional wines, where nobody believed that they could be achieved.

We invite you to know our region, its climate, its grape and the work of its people in each glass of our wine.



la Pituca - Cinsault - Rosé - Itata 2016

This is our first rosé, made with the traditional method, choosing the best cinsault from Itata.

Here we have achieved a fruity rosé, highlighting the strawberry, with a very good acidity, becoming the best company for the terrace days of spring and summer.

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